Tips for choosing a perfect translation agency

With the rapid progress in technology, the internet has emerged as a primary tool in facilitating even the smallest companies to prevail and establish themselves in the ever-increasing competition within the global business world. Targeting the international markets is the primary focus for every company. However, even the latest advents in technology cannot help deny the fact that people across the globe speak different languages. Thus, if you aim to establish your business in the global marketplace, you may find yourself in the need of translation services. This might incorporate your website translation , documents connected to media-related information , user manuals, press releases etc.

Any text targeted for the international clients and customers, ought to be translated. If you’re running a business of selling services and products on a global scale, you might need the services of a professional translation agency. To ensure it to be a success, the correct steps need to be taken. Here are some tips for choosing the translation agency which is perfect for your business :

1.  Do a thorough analysis of the requirements for your translation –

Prior to searching for a translation agency you must know your targeted audience, desired vocabulary to be used for your website information. The most important thing you must know is which language does the targeted audience speaks, so that you could look for appropriate translations into French, Spanish, Chinese or any other language.

2. Seek for some reliable recommendations and testimonials –

Explore and ask everyone in your business network about which translation company they’re currently working with. Check out the testimonials from clients and in fact visit the company’s office for your satisfaction  and to make sure they are not an online fiction entity.

3. Decide what kind of translation company will suit your needs –

There many types of translation agencies. Decide if you wish to deal with a local translation service vendor or will you prefer a big translation agency. Whatever you prefer, it is quite vital to know what is the extent of perfection and expertise you expect from the translation agency.

4. Confirm if the company has both lingual and technical competence –

A translation agency professional would work to translate your website from English into several different languages. Apart from having knowledge of languages, the professional should also be aware of the technical aspects of the entire process. Thus, not only the translator must know source and target languages but should also have the latest technical knowledge and expertise on translation management systems.

5. Choose a multi-service translation agency

Look for an agency which apart from offering you translation, assists you with services like proofreading etc. Prefer translators who are native in the target language.

6. Search for the actively blogging companies on the translation forums over the internet  –

Explore daily updated blogs of translation companies which participate in the translation discussions. Such companies, sensitive to their status, are likely to be professional and expert in their work.

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7. Inquire for certificates and credentials-

It’s very crucial to ensure that the agency you are likely to select has all the essential certificates and credentials. They tell you about the agency’s modus operandi and ability to guarantee a reliable quality control system. An agency that has an ISO standard for quality management systems will unquestionably offer you with a reliable service and desired results.

8. Know your goals and expectations –

The better you know your goals, the more specific you are and the better you achieve the results.


Last but certainly not the least is to not expect any promised “perfection”. Understand that taking small risks and being imaginative may at times give you the failure but is a part of the process because you can’t expect perfection from those who lack imagination and creativity.


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